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We’ve built bridges for a living, and we’d love to help you with yours.

If you’re coming to grips with a bridge project, or another non-standard structure that drew you to Seattle Bridge, you probably have a lot of questions. We can already tell you what we’ll ask:

What is your vision? Have you been inspired by a bridge or another structure?

What is your budget? Cable bridge economics are peculiar; these bridges have up-front costs for anchors, abutments, cables and cable hardware, but they are relatively light even at very long spans, so their per-square-foot costs drop as the span increases. If there are budget constraints on your project, that can guide our preliminary design and cost forecasting.

What is your bridge for? People? Vehicles? Bicycles? Stock? Does it require ADA compliance?

What is the span of your bridge? We understand that you may not even know the right footprint for the bridge; roughly, though, how far does your bridge have to vault to clear obstacles, flood plains, and other site features?

What is the width of your bridge? Width can be a function of traffic. Dedicated footbridges can be as slim as 2-1/2′ wide; bicycle and equestrian bridges generally call for a minimum clear width of 6′ in remote areas, or 10′ for mixed bicycle/pedestrian traffic. Smaller maintenance vehicles require 5′. Vehicle bridges have specific standards that vary with local regulations

Where is your bridge? How much room is available for abutments and back-stay cables? How is access to each shore?

What’s the ground like? Bedrock? Earth? Sloping up, or down? Topographic (or, better still, survey) information is always welcome.

Is there already a structure there? Are there existing abutments or anchorages that might be reused?

Do you need to carry utilities? Will we need to sling electrical or water lines under your bridge?

Please let us know how we can help.

NOTE: Seattle Bridge ceased most operations in 2018, entering a Magrathean hibernation state until such time as the economic incentives are in more favorable alignment. We still lend a hand here, fabricate things there, and love working on bridges; you are welcome to contact us directly at or (360) 447-8494. Please excuse any delays in response; we’re all generally pretty busy.