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Caterpillar Distribution Center Posts & Cables

Caterpillar Inc.–the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives–and its contractor ASG Services reached out to Seattle Bridge LLC in early 2013 asking for help rethinking the post and cable arrays at their distribution center in Spokane, Washington. These installations support signage that allows Caterpillar to track and organize material, however serial installations by earlier contractors had resulted in failure after failure from fatigue, corrosion, and wind-loading and posed logistic problems and safety hazards.

Supported by Senior Engineer Al Highberger, Seattle Bridge re-evaluated the purpose and design of the signage system, sought information about practical considerations for Caterpillar personnel, and designed an appropriately robust system designed to suit Caterpillar’s needs. Seattle Bridge received a contract to demo and replace 57 cable runs between 40′ and 170′ in Spokane, Washington in May. Ken Gilman led fabrication and galvanizing of 55,000 lbs of steel during June and July, while rigging material including hundreds of 1/2″ turnbuckles, cable clips, thimbles, and nearly two miles of cable were delivered to the Spokane lot.

Work at the site commenced on July 22, led by Martin Walz and Austin Thompson. Working in conjunction with ASG Services’ own personnel (who removed and re-installed signs) and Caterpillar management (who provided oversight to limit disruptions to their inventory supply chain) Seattle Bridge drove the project to completion in little over three weeks.