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Special Projects

Remote area bridge design and construction is our passion, but the same skills have been well-suited to other projects through the years. While at Sahale, and now Seattle Bridge, we have designed and built trails and amenities (retaining walls, crib steps, benches, signs, and railings), performed historic restoration projects, and used our rigging background in signage installations.

From the re-manufacture and erection of a 126′ high forest canopy viewing tower to the restoration of Conservation Corps-era stone buildings at 10,000 ft Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier, we embrace the opportunity to lead unique projects.

All of us on the Seattle Bridge team worked for years at Sahale LLC, helping to lead engineering, logistics, fabrication, and installation of structures for that firm before it closed its doors in 2010. Some of those structures are included here, and identified as such.  (More about Sahale LLC.)